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            • Dimitri Reyes

              May 22, 2019

              who or what takes out the trash / for he
              consumes neglect in three course meals / […]

            • Chelsea Whitton

              May 22, 2019

              You, in a hot pink tube dress.
              You, with the ten thousand objectives.
              You, whom I loved unreservedly. […]

            • Sandra Marchetti

              May 22, 2019

              I wait for a note
              to float off the high
              branch, to sing […]


            Fiction/Creative Nonfiction

            • Adam Hamze

              March 30, 2016

              i have seen my lifeless body. it has its own name that sounds nothing like mine. it lives in the bathroom stall of some restaurant, bloody & left behind. in the ditch down the street from the university, rain falling on its silence. […]

            • SJ Sindu

              March 23, 2016
            • Mary Jean Murphy

              March 11, 2016


            Poem of the Week

            • Danielle Mitchell

              August 12, 2018

              Results: Danielle Mitchell is an actress known for
              Cold Squad & Genie in the House known for

              a widowed father & two teenage daughters who […]


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